Mould Services

  • Visual Inspection
  • Air Monitoring and Swab sampling to identify an array of moulds, bacteria, pollens, and air particulates
  • Indoor Environments, Sewage Contamination, etc.
  • Remediation Consult & Project Management for Mould Remediation Companies
  • Analysed by a full-service microbiology laboratory with highly qualified analysts

Why is Mould Inspection and Testing Important?

Harmful moulds can contaminate home and work environments, production facilities, raw materials and branded products. Accurate identification is important to support monitoring and remediation methods within the home, work and manufacturing environments.

Studies also provide data to assist with the implementation of accurate Corrective and Preventive Actions for products and processes to reduce the risk of contamination, especially in hospitals.

Mould inspection may be useful wherever fungal growth is suspected, excess moisture has been present or when concerns are raised. Periodic mould inspection in buildings should be integral to preventative maintenance programs.