Donny James has been practicing in the occupational hygiene, environmental surveys and monitoring arena since 2003 and is adept at a practical approach to managing worker Health and Safety issues. He has published several scientific research articles over the years and has presented to groups both small and large, throughout Germany, Australia and New Zealand. In addition, he has taught both varsity-level and industry-relevant courses. He has personally worked with various companies such as manufacturers, schools, hospitals, universities, etc. amassing a wealth of experience over the years.

He earned his PhD in Environmental Biotechnology from Murdoch University, Western Australia and holds a MBA degree awarded by the University of Queensland. His 15 years’ experience encompass scientific consultancy involving Hazardous Materials in industry, scientific and laboratory-intensive research and lectureship in academia, and regulatory compliance with the Australian government dealing in chemical hazards and risks to workers, and the environment.

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